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Robert Reich: The Perfect Storm That Threatens American Democracy

Here are the Facts;

               Democrats in the US are in fact Socialists. Here is a list of famous Democrats; Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Kim Il-sung , Benito Mussolini, Jiang Zemin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. All these people have the same concept of “ Social Justice”, take everything, and share only with our friends.

    These are not your grandparents Democrats, these people are dangerous to the very way of life we live in the United States.


Robert Reich: The Perfect Storm That Threatens American Democracy

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States Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote – FoxNews.com


States Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote – FoxNews.com

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Cholera Outbreak Hits Haiti, Nearly 200 Dead – FoxNews.com

Behold the Awesome Ineptitude of the United Nations!

   The UN has already received Billions of US Dollars. ( 1 Billion Dominoes laid out flat, would go from the northern border of Maine to the Washington Monument in DC, FYI). Supposedly to provide aid to a country with a population of less then 10 million. (That works out to Several thousand US Dollars per person). Since the earthquake that rocked Haiti, way back in January, I can’t help but wonder what have those  filthy little bastards (UN, so called, Aid Workers) have been doing. 10 months seems to be an awfully long time, giving the amounts of money they got, not to have any local sources of clean water. Why has no one called for an investigation into “possible” mismanagement? Let’s face the fact, The UN is a worthless organization, We would be better of in this world without it.

Cholera Outbreak Hits Haiti, Nearly 200 Dead – FoxNews.com

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Why in the World?

    Why do so many people listen to guys like Micheal Moore, Perez Hilton and, Joy Behar? I really am curious because, when I look at these folks. “Here’s someone who has obviously made excellent choices concerning, their health, their hair style and, their clothes”. Is exactly NOT what goes through My mind.

    When did we, as a society, become so busy with our day-to-day, that we let our standards sink to this level? Where did our personal identities go? Has the desire to catch tonight’s game or show, gotten in the way of thinking for ourselves? Is the thought of personal responsibility so frightening, we are willing to do what ever anyone tells us to, as to avoid being wrong?

     Every time I am in a conversation with someone, that invokes the name of some celebrity, I want to smash them in the mouth so badly, it hurts. And that’s because, like you, there is a good chance that the celebrity in question, did not do any research on the topic, that was being discussed. More often then not, they get paid to endorse an idea or, concept, and sell it to you, “The Unthinking Public”.

   The next time you read in a newspaper, or hear on the television, something that makes you say; “I was not aware of that”. Walk over to your computer, and Google the hell out of it. Google the Author, Google the people being quoted, Google the Law, Google the Area in which the story took place ( Look at the skymap of it). It will be an enlightening experience, I promise you that, probably the most enlightening fifteen  minutes of your life. That’s right! It only takes fifteen minutes to research most stories on the news. Unless like me, you’re trying to decipher Obama’s health care law, I’m still only about two-thirds through that abortion. Best wishes to those that try it, and to those that don’t, Cardinal Del Retz once said;

Nothing sways the stupid more than arguments they can’t understand.
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